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Dental Treatment in Alanya

Alanya is home to around 120,000 inhabitants and is located on the Mediterranean , on the Turkish southcoast surrounded by the scenic Taurus Mountains .

The city has a long and turbulent history and has been subject to both the Romans, Byzantines, Armenians , Seljuks and Ottomans. The past 20 years the city has grown as a tourist destination and is today a vibrant resort with good swimming opportunities and an attractive old town center.

Alanya is the south coast 's largest holiday destination with long beaches and fantastic shopping opportunities . Here you will also find Turkey's best possibilities for entertainment . Alanya is a very well developed and fashionable resort with high quality. With an extremely visionary mayor in charge, the city has transformed into a true vacation paradise. Here the citizens stand together to offer you a wonderful holiday .

In Alanya the best of European and Middle Eastern cuisine meet , and you can eat well at fine international restaurants as well as in small local places.
From the city center you find a rocky peninsula , where on the top, in about 250 meters height, are the ruins of a castle . The Great Seljuk castle from the 13th century is one of the most magnificent sights along the Turkish southcoast. 150 towers and lookouts surrounding the well-preserved , double walled citadel .

If you want to go on exploring Alanya's history, it is a good idea to stop by Alanya Museum. Here you can see archaeological finds from Roman and Byzantine times . In the big bazaar areas located on both sides of Alanya's main street behind the harbor , it is possible both to see and buy everything your heart desires .

Bathing takes place on the fine-grained Cleopatra Beach or the more coarse-grained Keykubat Beach. The two beaches are separated only by the city's rocky peninsula with the impressive ancient fortifications on top.